#1 Advertising is NOT About You!

Advertising should:

  • Inspire customers to want to improve their current state.
  • Show them how they can easily achieve a better state.
  • Offer options that they can choose from to improve their current state.

When people have choices they feel in control.  When people feel in control, they take action – and in this case, action means you are selling.

How to inspire the purchase: 

  • Boost your social media posts
  • Promote your uniqueness 
  • Find a local event to participate in and promote it
  • Use testimonials 
  • Don't underestimate the power of a video
  • Advertise specials on holidays 

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#2 The Partnership Mentality

The value of business partners:

  • Partner with businesses near and far, to sell for you in exchange for commission
  • Promote your partners in store and on social media (flattery will get you everywhere)

Customer partnership through engagement:

  • Honesty creates trust and trust empowers people to buy 
  • Make your buying process convenient, easy, and simple
  • Consider your community impact and help your customers be involved
  • To delight your customer, you must know your customer
  • Increase convenience through mobile links to:
    • A map and directions to your location 
    • Partner vendors they might want to engage with
    • Local events at the time of their booking

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#3 The Last Call!!

'Sales' that generate sales:

  • 3 words… “Limited Time Offer!” This creates a sense of urgency because of FOMO (fear of missing out) and who wants that?
  • Tiered pricing can be a very subtle yet effective way to up-sell
  • BOGO, holiday promotions, early payment discounts, loyalty discounts, and coupons!
  • Consider giveaways (who doesn’t love free stuff?)
  • Offer new products or seasonal products
  • Have a game plan – create a promotional calendar for events throughout the year

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